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Welcome to North Park, where we believe all students deserve an excellent education that prepares, equips, and best positions them to prosper in the 21st-century global community.

We Educate the Whole Child

At North Park Elementary, we strive to educate the whole child. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, well-rounded education and learning community that meets the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all our students.

We offer a comprehensive academic program in all areas, including language arts, science, technology, art, and mathematics. Beyond academics, we believe it is essential to help students learn to listen, assess situations, communicate articulately, advocate for themselves, think critically, work together, and navigate relationships.

School-Wide Arts Program

We believe the arts play an important part in a well-rounded education. Since our opening in 1999, North Park has maintained a focus on the arts. Visitors to our school find evidence of many past school-wide art projects throughout our campus. Students receive instruction from specialists in the visual arts, music, and movement. In addition, each grade presents a yearly theatrical production. And every year, sixth-graders turn in original works of art for consideration of the North Park Art Award. Visit our library where we proudly display the framed art pieces from the winners of the past 20 years.

students art work